Our Party

The Democratic Party of Ozaukee County, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and the national Democratic Party work together to recruit, support, and elect candidates who share our values and our vision for positive change in our communities.

Our party is a truly grassroots organization.  Our party platform, our leaders, and our candidates are all selected, directly or indirectly, by regular party members like you and me through elections and conventions.

As a member of the party you, too, can have direct influence on the direction and agenda of the Democratic Party.  You can attend county party meetings, volunteer to be a delegate at conventions, vote for or run for a leadership positions, or become a candidate for elected office.


Learn more about the monthly meetings of the Democratic Party of Ozaukee County.


How and why you should join the Democratic Party of Ozaukee County.


The current leaders of our party at the county, state, and national levels.